Art Name & Concept:
Tartan Cube
(Cotton Yarns on solid surface frame)

Grace Tan, Kwodrent, Singapore

Room 7

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The tartan is a symbol of Scotland’s history, culture and craft. It is characterised by intersecting vertical and horizontal bands that create repetitive squares and lines. For this site-specific commission, I was inspired by Sir Norman Macalister’s Scottish heritage and the geometric patterns of the woven plaid.

The wall-mounted artwork is a three-dimensional tartan constructed via weaving fine mercerised cotton yarns on a square solid surface frame. The plaid pattern is derived from "flattening" a grid cube where its vertical and horizontal lines are captured. Subsequently, the pattern is tiled to create a complex and repetitive design. Due to the three-dimensional weaving, Tartan Cube comes alive when viewed in motion. The optical illusion created by the two layers of plaid adds a dynamic dimension to the overall composition.

Tartan Cube also references the colour code of the Macalister Clan Tartan. Traditionally, tartans are associated with families, clans and institutions. In this instance, various shades of red and green, inspired by the Macalister Clan Tartan are used. They are complemented by magenta and silvery blue to bring out the tonal depth of the main colour palette.

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