Art Name & Concept:
Sailing the Celestial Sea
(Porcelain, slip casted)

Albert Yonathan, Indonesia
(via Valentine Willie Singapore)

Room 6

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The idea behind this work is departed from the story about the colonial era that has become the background for the development of culture across Asia. One of the main characteristics of the colonial era is its maritime culture. Hence the sea is the most important thing that connects people for trade and migration from one place to another. The sea itself has propogated many stories and has been the main subject for so many myths and legends.

In this work, I have combined an abstracted shape of a ship and a bird’s wing. The stylised bird’s wing became the ship’s sail. A ship is one of the symbols that refers to the sea and the maritime culture. It has also a symbolic meaning that deals with journey and travelling; it can also be a vessel or carrier of the soul that goes on a spiritual journey. The bird’s wing relates to the bird as a symbol of spirit and also refers to the sheltering symbolism or spiritual protection.

The work is a metaphor for the journey that the soul will have to go on after experiencing death or even before. The circular configuration of all the pieces is a symbolic shape of the cosmos. The ultimate reality that holds every entity in the universe, where everything is interrelated and there is no beginning and no end.

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