Art Name & Concept:
The Eagle
(Photographic print on cotton paper)

Howard Tan, Studio Howard, Penang

Room 2

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We first talked about having quirkily-dressed people pose in front of different colonial buildings but that somehow did not work. We thrashed out several ideas after that; I was very thankful to Sean and Coreen as they were there the whole time to help me find the right subject and styles. A few weeks later we finally agreed to detailed shots of the architecture and monuments in the exterior of the Macalister Mansion. The Eagle (of Macalister Mansion) is one of the four images I did in a black and white series for the MM. It was originally installed in Room 2 with a pure glass frame attached to the wall. We later decided to blow up one of the four and have it framed in a pure classic white frame, which was specially made in Singapore and shipped to Penang.

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