Art Name & Concept:
(Illustrations, hand painted)

Low Chee Peng, Renny Cheng, Tan Kai Sheuan, Penang

The Living Room

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The murals done on the walls of Living Room reflect a contemporary take on a classic European Living Room. In line with the concept of Macalister Mansion, the approach is clean and simple, using black line art. The illustrations comprise furniture and fixtures typically found in a living room like a fireplace, mantelpiece, bookshelves, oscillating fan and various object d’art.

Part of the inspiration came from a traditional English lace tablecloth, where the motifs are repeated throughout. In order to add more texture and dimension to the whole piece, we have cut out sections of the spines from vintage books and used wire work on selected pieces. We have also made the ‘scene’ more playful by incorporating a wooden relief of the silhouette of a cat.

This piece combines other objects to complete the scene, namely a marble cat at an antique typewriter. A juxtaposition of both old and new, this piece is about taking on murals to another level.

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