Art Name & Concept:

Mansor Ramli, Kuala Lumpur
(via Taksu Gallery Malaysia)


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Fragment is a "process form" of an artwork. It is an experiment in creating interesting moving visual via editing various images together which simultaneously produced such effects. The video is based on the sight and sound of Penang which covers from nature to traces of colonial buildings. The key thing is that the visual was produced through different editing techniques and image manipulation that creates an impact when it is projected through a big scale. And ambience sound to give a totally different mood and feel to the viewers. The visual looks a little abstract and with an indirect approach, but still viewers can see and understand the images when they see them. It is the impact and the eye catching effect of the images which create a sense of aura, interesting mood altogether. The manipulation of the images will be more eye-catching by following the movement of the image, which is called a rhythm of movement.

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